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If your work involves audio/video ecoding or you provide help to Stanford University with Folding@Home ,this is the right place to look for the proper PC build wheather you are on tight budget or not.

Low budget PC builds

You need a fast PC for your demanding applications but can't spend a big amount of money for that? No problem,we can point you to some descent pc builds cheap enough for you.

The processor is the primary pc component when dealing with mathematical processing software and audio processing/encoding. AMD Phenom II x4 (only £85) is an excellent budget choice.Another quad core cpu with better performance is the Intel Core i5 2500 (at £150).

If your work envolves video processing or image rendering then the graphics card is what you should give emphasis to. When choosing a GPU a good tip to weigh the card is to look for the core count in the processor,so the more the cores the better the performance. AMD Radeon HD 7770 is a nice budget gpu (at £100–£130) along with nVidia GeForce GTX550 Ti (at £80–£100).

Advanced PC builds

A third generation Intel Core i5 3570K (at £165–£175) is a must have for a performance PC along with nVidia GeForce GTX560 Ti (at £160–£180) and 8GB of memory.If you want to have a super fast boot time for your Windows machine than a 128GB SSD (at £70–£130) for the operating system will make your PC perform excellent!

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