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Casual user

Am I a casual user?

This section applies to anyone who spend his time in front of the computer browsing internet, writing or editing text documents ,watching movies and listens to music, the everyday office suite and social network user. The one that is not using specific high power demanding applications and not because they will not run but because they will run slow.A casual arcade gaming will not be a problem for this PC configuration.

Good performance and low cost

Now that we know what we need the computer for,we are ready to choose our components (if building our own PC from scratch) having in mind the available budget of course. First you have to decide which processor you prefer for your system- AMD or Intel ! AMD processors are cheaper - Athlon II x2 (around £40),Athlon II x3 (around £55),Phenom II x4 (around £85)! If you prefer Intel then Core i3 is your choice with the prise between £85 - £105 .

2GB of RAM is the base amount for todays standards and memory is cheap so 4GB will be more than enough and will cost around £12 on Amazon.co.uk .

1 TB hard drive is sufficient enough for storage and very cheap now - around £65.

The onboard graphics card will do the job for browsing and ofice,but if there is a need of occasional gaming and HD video playback it is preferably to add a low power graphics card to the package.AMD Radeon HD 6670 is cheap enough (around £70) and performs excellent for the above purpose.Even cheaper is the AMD Radeon HD 6450 (around £27) .NVidia graphics cards have their budget models as well: GeForce G210 (around £20) and GT 640 (around £80).

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