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If you are not familiar with this software than you probably should! Very nice and simple interface but the most important thing is that it does exactly what it should and it does it pretty well.Receives updates every month and you don't have to uninstall before applying the update!When installing make shure you check the third and fourth option - they will make your everyday cleaning process faster with just a right click on the Recycle Bin icon.

CCleaner's install options

When you start the application you are taken to the Cleaner tab.You can check which Windows and other applications features to inspect and press Run Cleaner.

CCleaner's cleaner tab

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The Registry tab is even easier.If you don't know what everything is here just leave the dafaults and press Scan for issues.Shortly after that the scanner finishes and you are ready to press Fix selected issues....The program will ask you if you would like to backup the registry .If you feel unsecure,do it,otherwise select No and that's it.

CCleaner's registry tab

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From the Tools:Uninstall tab you can easily remove any application from your computer

CCleaner's uninstall tab

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From the Tools:Startup tab you can easily enable or disable any application from running when booting up your computer

CCleaner's startup tab

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